Microneedling vs Fractora: What are they and which is best for you? At Aesthetic Skin Chicago, we are always looking for new ways to take skin resurfacing to the next level. Through lots of research in skin technology we have found two ways to mechanically smooth and resurface skin: Microneedling and Fractora. The most important… Read More

  Hyperpigmentation is the umbrella term for darkening skin conditions, ranging from mild to severe forms.  Hyperpigmentation can be influenced by sun exposure, acne, hot environments, hormone imbalances, and genetics.  All types of skin may be predisposed to hyperpigmentation, given the right conditions. However, hyperpigmentation is commonly found in women, and more even more commonly… Read More

      It’s no secret that a full night of rest can improve not only your day, but the way you look. Puffiness in the eyes have subsided and you have that fresh glow. Getting to bed early enough is easier said than done, luckily there are ways to “fake” a full 8 hours… Read More

 Why Should We Care About Microsponges? from Shah Aesthetics Chicago on Vimeo. Some skincare products will have a time-released effect to them.  An example of this would be our retinol product. The way this time release works is through the use of microsponge technology. Microsponges are essentially really small sponges that are biologically inert.… Read More

Let’s admit that we have a love-hate relationship with the sun. We love the sunkissed tans and dread the sunburns. But aside from this seasonal love-hate relationship, we oftentimes forget to think about how the sun ages our skin overtime. Let me advise that when it comes to your skin, you never want to have… Read More