Tattoos almost seem like a right of passage for some people. They can have a lot of meaning and / or sentimental value for a time in someone’s life. Other times, it could be something that we got when we were younger and not in the right state of mind. Very often, people had two decisions.

1) Just live with this mistake and try to hide it as much as possible. Or 2) Have the tattoo lasered off.

The latter is probably the best option but it does come with the caveat of having to sit through a lot of painful sessions with a weak laser. At Aesthetic Skin in Chicago, IL, we use the PiQo4 Laser for our tattoo removal treatment. This is the most powerful laser available on the market for tattoo removal. This allows for lesser sessions in our office. We have seen patients come in for as few as three to four treatments as opposed to the 10 treatments of other lasers.