What is Mirconeedling in Chicago, IL?


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A microneedling treatment is a non-surgical procedure that stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, mild acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation. A pen is used to push tiny needles into the skin, casing microscopic trauma. This trauma causes the skin to produce more collagen that tightens the skin and boosts firmness.


Is Microneedling Right For Me?

Microneedling a minimally invasive procedure that targets the superficial layers of the skin, it is a wonderful treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling is effective for acne scarring, but more effective as an add on to more invasive treatments such as RF Needling. The ideal candidate for microneedling wants to see the condition of their skin improve with minimal downtime. Microneedling works great as a prep for events, as the skin takes on a fantastic glow once fully healed, one week after the procedure.


Do I Need PRP?

Your blood is drawn in order for the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to be extracted. The PRP is then applied to the skin immediately prior to the microneedling, allowing the healing properties of plasma to penetrate the skin. This is an excellent add-on to the procedure as it boosts a glow in the complexion and speeds up the healing process.



To find out if Microneedling is right for you, please call our office and ask to speak to one of our high skilled Aestheticians.