Hyperpigmentation is the umbrella term for darkening skin conditions, ranging from mild to severe forms.  Hyperpigmentation can be influenced by sun exposure, acne, hot environments, hormone imbalances, and genetics.  All types of skin may be predisposed to hyperpigmentation, given the right conditions. However, hyperpigmentation is commonly found in women, and more even more commonly found in women with medium to dark skin tones.

Before advancements in laser technology, the only option for correcting skin pigmentation was an intense chemical peel. Chemical Peels have been around since the late 1800’s and have been changed frequently for optimizing skin outcomes. One thing that has remained consistent is that the deep chemical peels have been most effective with skin pigments with the use of phenols. These chemical peels, while effective for clearing “patchy” or “spotty” pigments, are not safe for darker skin tones as it can risk the result of hypo-pigmentation. This is where laser therapy becomes a blessing. Lasers are safe for all skin tones and can be customized for optimal effects.



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There are many misconceptions about laser therapy, some people will claim that they don’t work or cause more harm to the skin. This is only true if the laser is not customized properly for the targeted skin tone.

Traditional lasers use pulse intense heat (such as IPL’s and BBL’s) and are typically performed in series. While these traditional laser therapies can provide tremendous outcomes for fairer skin tones, they tend to neglect the medium to darker skin tones.



But if darker skin tones are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, shouldn’t they have a treatment that is customized for them? The PIQO4 uses less heat, and requires a lot less downtime in Chicago IL to see results that will make you more confident.  The PIQO4 Laser uses less heat because it utilizes more mechanical energy instead of heat energy.  This allows a patient to feel more comfortable during the treatment, providing less downtime for the skin.  The PIQO4 Laser is the perfect solution for all skin types but works especially well on Asian, Mediterranean, and African skin tones.  The procedure is easy, check out our Instagram videos below!


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