The Reve Peel is now at Shah Aesthetics! The Reve Peel uses a series of powerful acids to treat:

-Fine Lines and Wrinkles


-Uneven Skin Tone and Texture



The Reve Peel is safe for all skin types. Patients with darker skin types will begin the treatment process at home two weeks before their peel by applying a topical cream nightly. This is to ensure a safe lifting of pigmentation without risk.




How does the Reve Peel work?


The Reve Peel is applied in the office by a skilled and licensed professional. First, the skin is cleansed and assessed. Then, the oil-based peeling solution is applied and your skin is closely monitored. After leaving the office, the peel is washed off 4 hours after the time of application. You will then follow the detailed instructions provided to you for the days following the treatment.


How long is the downtime?


The Reve Peel is unlike many peels available. It’s high strength capabilities means 5-7 days of peeling. You will see your skin transform as you shed layers of unwanted pigmentation and uneven skin texture. It is important to avoid the sun during this time.


How long until I see results?


The effects of the Reve Peel can be seen as soon as 7 days after treatment, but you will continue to see your results improve over the next 30 days.


How often do I need to do this peel?


Because of the strength of this peel, it is not recommended to do more than 3 times per year. Results can be prolonged with proper sun protection and skin maintenance with facials and lower strength peels. We recommend seeing your skin therapist at Shah Aesthetics monthly for optimal results.  


A consultation is necessary in order for the Reve Peel to be performed. Call to schedule yours today!


How do I book an appointment to get an Reve Peel treatment?
Our experienced team of aestheticians can evaluate your skin to find out which peel is best for you. From there, a treatment plan is developed to help you meet your skincare goals. Aestheticians are available for a consultation by calling 312.944.0117 or you can make your appointment online by clicking here.