Brown discoloration of the skin is called ‘Melasma’ and is a common skin problem. Melasma often worsens due to sun exposure,  hormonal changes due to pregnancy or contraception medication, among other reasons. 

The Melanage Peel is a special peel that helps treat our patients with issues stemming from hyper or hypo pigmentation. This pigmentation treatment helps with the overall appearance and texture of the patient’s skin.

The Melanage Peel penetrates deep enough into the skin to treat pigment discoloration where it begins. Allowing the peel to sit on the skin for a few hours gives it the time to safely and efficiently work its way down into the deep layers of the skin. Once rinsed off, the hyperpigmented skin will be exfoliated along with any dead skin cells. This treatment lightens dark spots and improves the overall texture, tone, and appearance of the skin.

Patients often see noticeable results in as little as one treatment. With the help of our aestheticians, we can help set the patient up with a simple maintenance program that they can do at home.

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How do I book an appointment to get an melanage peel treatment?
Our experienced team of aestheticians can evaluate your skin to find out which peel is best for you. From there, a treatment plan is developed to help you meet your skincare goals. Call 312.944.0117  to book a consultation with an aesthetician or you can book your appointment online by clicking here.