The Green Peel is our all-natural peel that was medically developed to help in regenerating our patient’s skin. Using natural ingredients and powerful plant extracts, the Green Peel boosts the blood circulation in the skin, metabolism and regeneration of skin cells and collagen, leaving the skin refreshed, brighter and youthful.


There are three different types of the Green Peel that you may choose to do after an in-depth skin consultation with our aestheticians.



“The Classic Treatment” is an herbal peel treatment that is massaged into the skin to activate the peeling process. While this treatment’s effects takes place in two to five days, our aestheticians will provide skin care products for the patient to use at home to give the patient the best results for this peel. After five days, the aesthetician will give the patient a beauty treatment using essential and nourishing ingredients for the skin.


Depending on the type of skin problem you were displaying, several treatments may be necessary.



The Energy Green Peel is a treatment that revitalizes the patient’s skin with natural energy to help regenerate new skin cells. After this is massaged into the pores, the outer layer of the skin loosens up. But instead the dead skin cells peeling, skin cell regeneration is stimulated, helping to reduce pigmentation issues, impurities and reduce the skin’s aging appearance.  



The Fresh-Up Green Peel is more of a revitalizing treatment than a peeling treatment. Using all-natural ingredients, the patient’s skin will experience circulation stimulation and the opening of their pores. The skin experiences the best results from this peel’s ingredients, reducing the results from premature aging and loss of elasticity and leaves the skin glowing and refreshed.


For more information about Aesthetic Skin’s Green Peel, please click here.


How do I book an appointment to get an Green Peel treatment?
Our experienced team of aestheticians can evaluate your skin to find out which peel is best for you. From there, a treatment plan is developed to help you meet your skincare goals. Aestheticians are available for a consultation by calling 312.944.0117 or you can make your appointment online by clicking here.