Dermalinfusion Chicago


Dermalinfusion is the latest in skincare technology that is now available at Aesthetic Skin Chicago. This device exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with beneficial serums all at the same time. Each highly potent serum is the product of advanced research in skin care science.   




Dermalinfusion is a noninvasive and all inclusive treatment that will give you immediate and long lasting results.  Dermalinfusion uses a handheld suction device with a diamond tip to deliver amazing improvements to the patient’s skin.   


DermalInfusion’s Advanced 3-in-1 Technology

Exfoliates – Removes dry and damaged skin cells for rejuvenation

Extracts – Deep cleansing of skin surface and pores

Infuses – Delivery of condition specific serums deep into the skin



This treatment is great for all skin types including those patients with acne, sun damage, aging skin, dry and dehydrated skin, rough skin texture, and hyperpigmentation issues.  With several different features and options, Dermalinfusion can be altered exactly to your skin type. Dermalinfusion also can be used on the body to help improve skin texture and elasticity.


Unlike normal microdermabrsion, Dermalinfusion is customized depending on your skin’s specific needs. Our highly skilled aestheticians will evaluate your skin and tailor your Dermalinfusion treatment with high-grade serums.


Pro-infusion serums target:

-Anti-aging, fine lines, sallow skin, and undesirable texture

-Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, Melasma, and dull skin                                                                               

-Acne, blackheads, white heads, and closed comedones

-Dry Skin

-Oily Skin


Dermalinfusion performs its exclusive 3-in-1 technology simultaneously, eliminating time gaps between exfoliation and serum application.  By eliminating time gaps, patients have seen plumpness, volume, hydration, tone, and better texture of the skin as soon as they treatment is finished.  


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With Dermalinfusion Chicago there is no downtime and patients can get right back to work. We consider it a relaxing “lunch time” treatment. Impressive results are seen after one treatment, and clinically-proven results are seen after several treatments.


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Dermalinfusion Chicago Before and After