CoolSculpting in Chicago, IL



What is CoolScuplting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes fat-freezing technology to freeze fat cells.  After the CoolSculpt freezes your fat cells, your body naturally eliminates the cell resulting in a reduction of fat in the treated area.  This procedure is a great way to get rid of stubborn 


How does Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai differ in their practice?

We utilize a combination of suction based Radio Frequency system with electroporation prior to use of coolsculpting and following it with a thermally controlled Radio Frequency applicator. With use of this combination we have found greater results due to the underlying science.  See how to get the most out of your CoolSculpting treatment with a process we call “Coolsculpting Plus” below!


We call this protocol Coolsculpting Plus:


Step 1: Fat is heated to 42 degrees centigrade. The use of electroporation allows for rupture of the adipocytes and at a depth of 2mm fat is heated and remodeled.


Step 2: Coolsculpting freezes the tissues to -7 degrees Centigrade using the newest advantage applicators and protocol. Fat that lies deeper than the Radio Frequency is targeted allowing for two levels of fat reduction.


Step 3: Radio Frequency massage is used at 38 degrees centigrade to promote greater absorption of the fat cells


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  • How much is CoolSculpting in Chicago, IL?


We use the latest generation CoolSculpting Pro (advantage) applicators.  Choose any area to treat face and/or body. One body areas is about the size of a hand while the chin area is about half a hand in dimension.  Your CoolSculpting in Chicago, IL is $750.00 for one area.


Save money with package pricing for your CoolSculpting treatment!  


Package pricing


    • Choose coolsculpting per area/ kybella// dermal filler/ sculptra
    • Face and body sculpting buy 2 save 20%. $1500-$1200
    • Face and body sculpting buy 4 save 30% 3000-2100
    • Face and body sculpting buy 8-save 34%- 6000-3960
    • Face and body sculpting buy 12-save 38%- 9000-5580
    • Face and body sculpting buy 20-save 44% 15000-8400




Can coolsculpting be performed without vacuum suction?

A recent study demonstrated a conformable suction which can treat non-pinchable fat of the abdomen area. In this study call participants need 2 treatments but all were satisfied with outcomes.


What is the principle on how coolsculpting works?

Different clinical tissues respond to cold. Fat cells are susceptible to cooling compared to other cells and can result in loss of fat. the cooling triggers apoptosis of the adipocytes and this causes an inflammatory response and promotes slow eating by the macrophages.


What happens to the tissues after coolsculpting?

After an intervention the apoptosis of the fat cells causes collagen to increase and thickening of the fibrous septa resulting in fat layer reduction.


How long does it take for the fat cells to be absorbed by the body?

Typically it takes about 4 months where patients can see about 20-26% reduction in the treated area.


Is Coolsculpting effective compared to high intensity ultrasound or shock waves?

Coolsculpting is thought to be more effective than these modalities in head to head studies.


Cryolipolysis indications:

-ideal for discrete fat

-does not treat obesity

-less effective in patients with more fat due to temperature not reaching peak temps

-age is not a factor

-skin laxity is not an issue- thought to cause skin tightness by stimulating collagen and improves skin flaccidity

-raynaud’s syndrome

-cold urticaria


-varicose vein dermatitis

-positive rheumatoid factor (hepatitis , sjorgens, lupus)

-increased cholesterol

-increased liver enzymes

-excessive visceral fat



-peripheral circulation issue

-open or infected wounds


Orthopedic problems

Poor renal function


Can coolsculpting be used in adolescents?

A study found in reduction of fat in adolescents consistent wand satisfactory results.


Does coolsculpting tighten the skin?

It is thought to tighten the skin by production of collagen. Ultrasound imaging by Drs. Bloom and bernstein demonstrated thickening of the dermis


Does coolsculpting destroy fat?

A study by Meyer, et al demonstrated destruction of fat in a patient who had previously undergone coolsculpting when the fat from a tummy tuck was examined. Fibrosis or thickening of the skin was observed.


What is the localized adiposity physiotherapeutic evaluation protocol?

Patient with localized adiposity who seeks treatment. This protocol consists of identification, anamnesis, physical examination, measurements, and tests. Ideally, an evaluation should be performed before treatment, with follow-up with reassessments in

the middle and at the end of treatment. Basic anamnesis information should be collected, such as main complaint, situational background, eating and social habits (smoking and alcoholism), use of medication, sleep quality, and physical exercise. During

the physical examination, the following things are observed: body shape and presence of associated aesthetic dysfunctions (stretch marks, cellulite, tissue flaccidity, skin trophism, muscular strength, and painful sensitivity). In addition, body measurements are also carried out with the use of an adipometer, a dermographic pencil, and tape measure


What is contrast cryolipolysis?

Contrast cryolipolysis is the use of combination of radiofrequency and cryolipolysis in a specific pattern. Contrast cryolipolysis theoretically promotes blood reperfusion. Contrast reperfusion promotes an immediate effect that accelerates the inflammatory response. Limited studies have taken place on contrast cryolipolysis and most have included the use of a

polarys heating device similar to a topically placed rf probe.


Can you have kybella and coolsculpting at same visit?

A recent protocol was discovered when Neil Saddick of NY and authors studied cryolipolysis and a form of injection lipolysis (similar to kybella). They found a dramatic reduction in fat without side effects. Based on this study and our protocols, combination of kybella and coolsculpting can be performed at the same visit.


What is zimmer z lip and z wave pro?

Zimmer lipo is a competitor to coolsculpting released in non-US markets. Z wave lipo typically takes 60-90 minutes per cycle while coolsculpting advantage takes around 35 minutes per cycle

Z wave pro use shock waves to help break up the fat after using coolsculpting. It is incorporated.

Coolsculpting has built in safety mechanisms which cause it to shut off making it the safes device.


Can cryolipolysius increase your testosterone?

A recent case report examined a patient found to have low T and he took androgel

He discontinued androgel and then had coolsculpting

His t raised from low to normal to high