It’s no secret that a full night of rest can improve not only your day, but the way you look. Puffiness in the eyes have subsided and you have that fresh glow. Getting to bed early enough is easier said than done, luckily there are ways to “fake” a full 8 hours of sleep.



Eyelid surgery is not what it used to be. Previously, all eyelid skin was snipped and stitched, creating a look that was too taut and unnatural. Now, Dr. Shah and other cutting edge plastic surgeons have reworked the process to be a rejuvenating procedure with a result that is subtle, refreshing, and has little downtime. The procedure can be done to the lower eyelid, removing bags, and the upper eyelid, removing upper eyelid sag and creating an awakened look.


Under Eye Filler

Under eye filler is a great option for those who need more subtle changes or are not ready for surgery. A Hyaluronic Acid is injected into the under eye region, filling the area and reducing the shadow. The filler also smooths the tear duct area, creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.


Which is right for you?

Blepheroplasty is a procedure done by Dr. Shah at his office located in Chicago IL.   This procedure is done while the patient is awake, just heavily sedated. You feel no pain and you are able to go home and rest that day.  Although the procedure is quick, you do want to have a week of downtime.  Under eye filler delivers instant results, although more subtle. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah to further discuss your options.