Why Should We Care About Microsponges? from Shah Aesthetics Chicago on Vimeo.

Some skincare products will have a time-released effect to them.  An example of this would be our retinol product. The way this time release works is through the use of microsponge technology.

Microsponges are essentially really small sponges that are biologically inert. They don’t cause allergies, irritations, or toxicities. Because they’re so small, about 25 micrometers, the body doesn’t have any issues with them.

What happens is the product or therapy that we’re trying to treat with, in this case, retinol, is time-released over a period of hours, sometimes up to 12 hours.

The benefit of this is if you take a product like Retin-A, the patients will have a surge of this product all at once and patients can get redness, irritation, and flaking.

Compare this to our Retinol Forza. With this product, with the microsponges, the patients are going to get slow release of the product over time. This avoids irritation, redness, and makes this product, which is more powerful than Retin-A, much more tolerated.


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