Microneedling vs Fractora:

What are they and which is best for you?

At Aesthetic Skin Chicago, we are always looking for new ways to take skin resurfacing to the next level. Through lots of research in skin technology we have found two ways to mechanically smooth and resurface skin: Microneedling and Fractora. The most important factor is making sure you are getting the treatment right for you.  The right treatment for your skin will always enhance results.  


Microneedling is a technique first introduced in the early 1900’s in Germany.  In the 1950’s a scientist discovered that tattooed skin had a smoother, plumper appearance. By the 1990’s a Canadian surgeon was using a high-speed tattoo gun without ink to renew the skin’s surface. Just like that, Microneedling was born!  Now, there are several ways microneedling can be performed.

Types of Microneedling:

  • Dermal Roller
    • This mimics a paint roller
  • Derma-pen
    • A small pen like device that is pressed into the skin
  • Mechanical Power Device
    • This needles the skin repeatedly


How it works:

Tiny needles of various thickness and length are applied to the skin; puncturing it. It may seem like it causes trauma to the skin, but by doing so it allows collagen and elastin to rush to the skin to heal the wound. This results in an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. The needle also allows for a deeper penetration of serums into the skin, making them more effective.

Along with the serums, the blood’s plasma (PRP), our body’s own healing properties are injected.  The blood is drawn before your treatment.  It is then spun at a very high accurate rate, until we’re left with your plasma!  The plasma is then applied to the skin during and after needling to speed up healing and make your skin glow!


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Fractora is a new technology that utilizes tiny needles or “pins” that are attached to a

handpiece.  The needles create radio frequency energy that safely reaches deep into the dermis. Fractora has been shown to reduce acne scarring and improve skin texture after just one use. Not only do the pins deliver the trauma needed to produce more collagen and elastin, there are varying degrees in thickness, length, as well as the amount of radio frequency energy, providing a completely customizable treatment. Fractora can even be used on active acne! Fractora is primarily used on the face and neck, although it could be used on scarring on loose skin on the body.

How it works:

Fractora is microneedling with a huge boost. The skin is numbed for at least thirty minutes before the treatment. The doctor or laser aesthetician stamps the skin skin using the handpiece. The radiofrequency provides quick, intense, controlled heat to the skin, asking for new collagen and elastin. No makeup, mild cleansing, and sunscreen is encouraged for the first few days with a gentle skin routine to follow in the next few weeks.


Which is best for you?

The main difference between the two treatments is the intensity and the amount of down time. The good news is that Aesthetic Skin Chicago offers both treatments and will recommend a treatment that is customized to your skin’s needs.  Our highly trained technicians will access your skin type, and the right treatment for you.

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