The best fat freezing technology and this summer it is better than ever!


Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai recently went on Chicago’s Very own WGN!  This appearance on the Chicago news channel was a very special one because they not only talked about CoolSculpting FX but they also announced that anyone who signs up for CoolSculpting FX in the month of August will get free Botox!  CoolSculpting FX pairs Radio Frequency (RF) technology with CoolSculpting (Cryolipolysis) to create dramatic results a lot sooner!


3 easy steps to lose fat cells with CoolSculpting FX

Step 1: BodyFX Fat is heated to 42 degrees centigrade. The use of electroporation allows for rupture of the adipocytes and at a depth of 2mm fat is heated and remodeled.

Step 2CoolSculpting then freezes the tissues to -7 degrees Centigrade using the newest advantage applicators and protocol. Fat that lies deeper than the Radio Frequency is targeted allowing for two levels of fat reduction.

Step 3Forma Radio Frequency massage is used at 38 degrees centigrade to promote greater absorption of the fat cells.  Forma has created more profound results in patients seeking to get rid of stubborn fat.


This is the best protocol in Chicago.  Combining all three treatments give the patient a slimmer youthful look in less time.


Watch The video of Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai on WGN Below!

Read the transcript here!



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