In his most recent appearance on WGN Chicago, Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai talked about the newest way to get rid of stubborn fat!  Throughout research they found a solution to getting the most out of the CoolSculpting treatment.  They call this protocol : CoolSculpting FX.  We attached the video of their WGN appearance along with the transcript!  If you would like to get started on the best way to lose fat cells, schedule a consultation or an appointment here!  Don’t forget, for the month of August, with every CoolSculpting FX treatment every patient will get Free Botox!


Watch the video of Dr. Shah And Dr. Chughtai on WGN below


Transcript of Chicago’s Very Own WGN appearance


Lauren: (00:00)
Today, we have Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai from Shah Aesthetics. You may remember them when they came on and talked about hair restoration and mommy makeovers and they’re back today to talk about their latest treatment, Coolsculpting FX. So, what exactly is Coolsculpting FX?

Dr. Sameea: (00:17)
So, our office has developed Coolsculpting FX, which takes an already amazing procedure like Coolsculpting to the next level. It combines the best of heating and freezing fat cells.

Lauren: (00:28)
Ooo… And what are the three steps to the process?

Dr. Shah: (00:32)
So the first step is you’re going to heat the fat, it’s going to prime and pop these fat cells. The second step is using the latest in Coolsculpting. And then the final step is to take radio frequency once again to tighten the skin and get one more layer of fat. The overall effect of this is you’re going to get more dramatic results seen in a shorter amount of time.

Lauren: (00:51)
Wow. Is there a pain factor involved with popping and heating? And…

Dr. Sameea: (00:55)
It’s actually very comfortable. I had a treatment last week and I went right from the office to the tennis court and there was no downtime.

Lauren: (01:02)
Wow, great to know.

Dr. Shah: (01:03)
Where she won too.

Lauren: (01:05)
Where can our audience get more information about Coolsculpting FX with Shah Aesthetics?

Dr. Sameea: (01:09)
So you can email, text us, call us at 312-944-0117, or visit us at our website,